Emergency Tasker Token is focused in bringing a better future for the workers providing services.

100% Community Project

We will be the reference currency when transacting monetary exchanges generated by the provision of various types of services globally.

Our growth is based on the capabilities of each of its members to develop the tasks required for the daily life of any human being, based on the provision of timely, effective and efficient services.

Emergency Tasker Token is built on the blockchain in Binance Smart Chain, being owned by those who cooperate with this community.

Each member of this community has the capacity and authority to make decisions about the destination of our token.

The integration of the dynamic principle, in economic terms, allows Emergency Tasker Token to adapt to the innumerable variables of the financial system, ensuring participation in a common objective, decision-making capacity regarding the pursuit of the objective, and fiduciary duties with its members.


LP Growth

4% of each purchase is allocated to increase the Liquidity of the Project automatically.


1% of each transaction is distributed among the holders.


In each movement of funds, 1% of the tokens will be burned. Thus gradually increasing the value of the project.


2% of purchases are allocated to the Donations wallet to be distributed in natural disasters.


Marketing is important to expand the project.


  • Creation of tokenomics.
  • Creation of the Contract.
  • Whitepapper.
  • Launch of social networks.
  • Website launch.
  • Start of marketing.
  • Community Building.
  • Pre-sale / public sale.
  • Launch of the Token by Pancakeswap.
  • NFT Launch
  • 500 holders.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • First smart contract audit.
  • Coingecko and CoinMarketCap applications.
  • 500 Telegram users.
  • First exchange listing.
  • First association.
  • 1,000 holders.
  • Influencer marketing in social networks.
  • Second exchange listing.
  • CertiK Audit.
  • Second association.
  • Integration as a payment method in service application: Emergency Tasker..
  • 1,000 users on Telegram.
  • 2,000 holders
  • 4,000 holders.
  • Third exchange listing.
  • Associations with NGOs.
  • Marketing on a larger scale and expansion of the marketing team.
  • 2,000 users on Telegram.
  • Global Marketing Approach.
  • 10,000 holders.
  • 5,000 users on Telegram.
  • Listed on most popular exchanges, Binance and Coinbase.
  • Start of donations to world emergencies.

Read our Whitepaper

You can find our whitepaper and audit below so you can be sure that you are in good hands with us.

How to Buy

➤ Install Wallet

Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension or mobile app). After that, you will need to add Binance Smart Chain to your list of networks.

➤ Add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

You need to add Binance Smart Chain to your list of networks. Follow the instructions HERE.

➤ Buy BNB on Binance or TrusWallet and transfer it to MetaMask

Buy BNB on an exchange (Binance, Kraken, etc.) or TrustWallet (an app for your phone). Make sure to select the BEP-20 network and Transfer the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address.

➤ Exchange your BNB for ETT

Go to PancakeSwap. Exchange your BNB for ETT by adding the contract address.



Meet the 10 NFT’s of ETT, made from the main minerals of the earth. Do not miss yours!

Where to find ETT NFT’s?

The NFTs were Minting to under the Polygon network.

How to buy NFT’s from ETT?

You just have to buy the MATIC cryptocurrency at your favorite exchange and send it to your Metamask wallet. (remember before sending your MATIC add the polygon network in your wallet)

Our Partners.

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